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Fab Stills 2

Hey all! Fab Stills 2 is goin down on Jan 17th at the Rocker. Hope to see you there or hope I saw you there!

There are some new galleries up here on the site too so check em out. As well, my photos for the 8 finalists of the "2008 Bus Stop Real Estate Ad Awards" are now being shown in the store windows of 935 Grosvenor Ave. You can check out all the photos from this project on the galleries page of this site as well.

Stay Warm, cause it's F'n cold out there!



BobaMike pointed out that it had been awhile since the site had been updated so here it goes! There are 3 new galleries up in the galleries section: "STORE", "VIRTUAL HERITAGE WINNIPEG" and "POLAROIDS FROM FAB STILLS". They were shot on film over the last year or so,... so go check em out.

I've been working on FAB STILLS #2 as well, and hope to have a show together in November...the images below are a preview of that project....

See you at the beach!